Night of Louisiana

Also available in: Català

Counts: 32 - Walls: 2 - Level: low intermediate
Choreographed by: Irene Ottello
Source: Irene Ottello

· Robert Mizzell - Louisiana saturday night


Intro: 8 count

Rockin chair, pivot 1⁄2 turn left, turn 1⁄2 left, hold
1-2 Rock right forward, recover on left
3-4 Rock right back, recover on left
5-6 Step right forward, turn 1⁄2 right (weight to left)
7-8 turn 1⁄2 right step right beside left(weight to right), hold

Touch, hook, step, scuff, jumping forward and kick (twice), step, scuff
1-2 Heel touch left diagonally left, hook left forward
3-4 Step left forward, scuff right
5-6 Hop left forward and kick right forward, Hop left forward and kick right forward
7-8 Step right forward, scuff left

Jumping forward and kick (twice), cross, kick, cross, kick
1-2 1⁄4 turn left hop right forward and kick left x2
3-4 1⁄4 turn left hop left forward and kick right x2
5-6 Cross right over, kick left diagonally to left
7-8 Cross left over, kick right diagonally to right

Jumping cross right and left, jumping 1⁄2 turn, step, jumping 1⁄2 turn, step
1-2 (jump) cross right over, step left back and kick right forward
3-4 (jump) step right back and kick left forward, cross left over
5-6 (jump) 1⁄2 turn right kick right forward, step right forward
7-8 (jump) 1⁄2 turn right kick left forward, step left forward

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