Something good

Counts: 32 - Walls: 4 - Level: Intermediate
Choreographed by: Lilly & Mario Hollnsteiner
Source: Lilly & Mario Hollnsteiner

· Ashley Monroe - On to something good


Sect: 1 Step, step, out-in-out-in, heel, heel, touch, unwind 3⁄4 turn L
1-2 Step fwd left, step fwd right
&3&4 (jump) diag fwd left out, in (back in place), diag fwd right out, in (back in place)
5&6& Left heel fwd, step left back in place, right heel fwd, step right back in place
7-8 Left toe touch behind right, 3⁄4 turn left

Sect: 2 Shuffle fwd, rocking chair, coaster step fwd, coaster step
1&2 Shuffle fwd R-L-R
&3&4 Rock fwd left, return right, rock back left, return right
5&6 Step fwd left, step right beside left, step back left
7&8 Step back right, step left beside right, step fwd right

Sect: 3 Kick, flick, 1⁄2 turn L kick, hook, vine 1⁄4 turn L, scuff, vaudeville, hook, 1⁄4 turn shuffle fwd
1&2& Kick left fwd, flick left back, 1⁄2 turn left kick left fwd, hook left in front of right
3&4& Step left to left, cross right behind left, 1⁄4 turn left step fwd left, scuff right beside left
5&6& Cross right over left, step diag back left, right heel tap diag fwd, hook right in front
7&8 1⁄4 turn right shuffle fwd, R-L-R

Sect: 4 Step, 1⁄2 turn R, step, step, full turn, stomp, applejacks
1&2 Step fwd left, 1⁄2 turn right, step fwd left
3&4 Step fwd right, 1⁄2 turn left, 1⁄2 turn left step fwd right
5-6 1⁄2 turn left step fwd left, stomp right beside left
&7&8 Left toe & right heel to left, back in place, right toe & left heel to right, back in place

At wall 4 & 6 after sect:3
At wall 9 after sect:1


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