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Counts: 32 - Walls: 4 - Level: Newcomer
Choreographed by: Francina, Eduard, Rosa, Manel & Ramon (December 2002)
Source: Raycountry

· David Ball - She Always Talked About Mexico (BPM: 174 – CD: "Amigo")


Jazz box, toe and heel swivels
1-2 Step right cross over left, step left back
3-4 Side step right, step left beside right
5-6 Open both toes, swivel right heel and left toe to right
7-8 Swivel right toe and left heel right, swivel right heel right

Slow sailor step with ¼ turn left, step, lock, step, hold
9-10 Step left behind right, turning ¼ left steping right back
11-12 Step left forward, hold
13-14 Step right forward, step left behind right (lock position)
15-16 Step right forward, hold

Step, lock, step, toe touch, step, lock, step, toe touch
17-18 Step left forward, step right behind left (lock position)
19-20 Step left forward, touch right toe behind left
21-22 Step right back, step left cross over right (lock position)
23-24 Step right back, touch left toe cross over right

Heel struts, toe touch, pivot ½ turn left, toe touch, scuff
25-26 Step left heel forward, drop left toe down
27-28 Step right heel forward, drop right toe down
29-30 Touch left toe to left side, pivot ½ turn left steping left beside right
31-32 Touch right toe back, scuff right beside left
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