Party at the farm

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Counts: 38 - Walls: 2 - Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Choreographed by: Harry Schalk
Source: Harry Schalk

· Steff Nevers - Party at the farm


Intro 40 counts – Start with singin'

Cross Rock L, kick L, Coaster Step, hold
1,2 LF cross over RF , Weight on LF and lift RF
3,4 Weight on RF, LF kick foreward
5,6 LF Step back, RF close to LF
7,8 LF Step foreward , Hold

Jump backR, StepL,StompR, Side KickR, StompR, KickR , HookR, KickR
1,2 RF Jump back LF lift , LF Step.
3,4 RF Stomp close to LF , RF kick to right
5,6 RF Stomp close to LF , RF kick foreward
7,8 RF hook cross over LF , RF kick foreward

Toe StrutR, ½ Turn, Toe StrutL StepR, LockL StepR,ScuffL
1,2 RF Toe Step, RF and heel step with ½ Turn right
3,4 LF Toe Step, LF and Heel Step
5,6 RF Step foreward , LF cross behind RF
7,8 RF Step foreward, LF sweep foreward

Cross RockL,Recover,Hold,CrossRock R,Recover, Kick L
1,2 LF cross over RF- RF lift , Weight back on RF
3,4 LF close to RF , Hold
5,6 RF cross over LF- LF lift , Weight back on LF
7,8 RF close to LF , LF Kick foreward

Stomp,L,FlickL,StompL, Jump backR, Stomp, Step
1,2 LF Stomp close to RF , LF lift back
3,4 LF Stomp close to RF , RF Jump back and lift LF
5,6 LF Stomp , RF Stomp close


After Wall 3.,7, 9. 10

Full Turn Swivel Li, Heel Split
1,2 RF ¼ Turn left, LF ½ Turn left
3,4 RF ¼ Turn left , LF close
5,6 RF on Toe LF on Heel turn to left , and back
7,8 Heel split , and close

Swivel Re., Heel Split, Full turn
1,2 RF on Heel LF on Toe turn to right , and back
3,4 Heel split , and close
5,6 RF ¼ Turn right , LF cross powerful over RF ¾ Turn
7 LF goe foreward and cross over LF ---- START of Dance)


Source: harrylinedancer
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